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I started writing this site in the early part of the Noughties and it covered my preferred hobbies. They’re still within the site, but some are grouped together in ‘Previous Hobbies’. What is very visible is the game Diplomacy. I’ve had a break from the game, though sadly the news of a friend and Diplomacy player and GM is Richard Hucknall. More will be spoken of his in that link.

A picture, like this flag , means a new article and this bouncing, will show, as the name says, there is an update. To help you locate the article it is also used within that topic.

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As my name is Ally Bain I’m sure you’ve gathered ‘A’ and ‘B’ in the site’s title and no doubt you’ve figured ‘L’ is my middle name. Regarding GSB, that’s related to my son, Graeme. He was born in June 1990 and in early 2000s he did write his brief auto-biog, but in his teenage adolescent he asked for it to be removed... Anyway, by clicking on this link you’ll see my biog, though it’s out-of-date, yet bear with me. Ally Bain, taken 2008 at Leeds Castle, Kent
Created by Allan B Calhamer in 1954, Diplomacy is a board game based on Europe in 1901. There are seven Great Powers and to win, a country has to control Europe! The game is still played face to face (F-F) and still today it‘s played by mail (PBM). The Internet has increased the player base of which the communication is through e-mails (PBEM) and hence this site hosts games. Diplomacy

Photography was an on-off hobby since I was about 7 years old; however in 2010 I decided to use it as a career. By doing so I decided to learn more and attended the then University Campus Suffolk, Ipswich, (now University of Suffolk). I graduated and received a Bachelor of Arts (Honours) in Photography. My final project related to what happened to me in 1999 and is entitled Can’t Remember! It shows memory loss and is achieved by fragmenting and distorting many of them on my computer. As a career I exhibited them plus looked for other work. In short, if you need a photographer, I’m your man. Please visit ALB-Images.

It didn’t take long for me to realise that I can combine being a photographer and a picture framer. I’m a member of Fine Art Trade Guild (FATG) who are internationally recognised. FATG created the standards and guidelines for art framing together with picture printing and I continually work to these requirements. Please visit ALB-Framing.

Previous hobbies are those that, as name suggests, previous hobbies. I haven’t lost total interest; however they don’t quite fit in with current surrounds, e.g. no more moves in our house for fish tanks and currently we got rid of our greenhouse.
Previous Hobbies

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