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Like many others, I have a number of hobbies of which some I am involved with more regularly than others. I am using this site to either outline my hobbies or in some cases, go into greater depth. In addition, I have shown a link to my career, which is photography.

A picture, like this flag , means a new article and this bouncing, will show, as the name says, there is an update. To help you locate the article it is also used within that topic.

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Ally Bain, pix taken 2006 at Cheddar Gorge ALB, in the title, is I and I am the main author and Web designer for this site. A number of others have helped me out by adding things, proof reading, making suggestions, etc, and to them I give a big thanks. By clicking on author you can read my auto-biog, which not only mentions my wife, Sally, my son, Graeme (GSB is him), but include details of my two brain operations. The details might be unpleasant so perhaps consider the effect it might have on you before you go to read. Please note this has not been updated for a while, yet soon it will be.

I am a photographer who concentrates on contemporary pieces of work and my currently project is called Can't Remember!. It looks into the realms of showing memory by corrupting the photographic image. Fragmented and distorted, the work is an attempt to visualise the complex notion of memory and its loss. Educated at University Campus Suffolk, I have a Bachelor of Art (Hons) in Photography and am an Associateship of the Royal Photographic Society. Please visit ALB-Images and let me know your thoughts. ALB-Images

Diplomacy Diplomacy is a board game based on Europe in 1901 with seven Great Powers. To win, a country has to control Europe! Initially the game was played face to face and as many enjoyed playing, it became obvious that it can be played by mail. They still continue, however via the Internet there are many sites that host the game and the communication is through e-mails. Due to that you might be writing to people who come from any country.

Tropical fish is an enjoyable hobby! More often than not the eyes are distracted from watching a TV programme. Does that pose a problem? Nope! By pressing on the link it will take you to an introduction page and that does have further links to the fishes' family groups. Pictures of the fish are shown. Dwarf Gourami

Mammillaria hahniana Cacti are succulents but not vice versa as some succulents are not cacti. If you are lost, it will be explained therefore link to the page. Within the page, certain non-cacti succulents will be shown, however most are cacti. Everyone has a personal feeling, but mine is that flowers on cacti are more attractive than normal flowers.

I started collecting postcards in the 80s. The then aim was to brighten up the rather dark and dringy office I worked in by placing them on the walls. I stopped working there in 1986, however I took the postcards and have continued to add to them. Postcards

Link Miscellaneous Links has a list of Web Sites where people we know have their own site or they have an involvement with this shown. The reason they are included in this section is due to their site has little to do with the above topics but are worth looking at. It is true that some of them listed helped us fix any problems we had with writing this site.

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