As you may have seen, the part of the generic name, rebutia, is a genus on its own, however the first comes from a Latin word, sulcus, which means groove. Obviously the cacti from both genrus are not far from each other and many were originally in Rebutia, but were shifted into this generic name. In comparison Sulcorebutia have harder stems and have a more prominent rib structure and the areoles are smaller and elongated. The globular cacti are found in Bolivia mountains and have a larger range of colours for their petals.

Now great knowledge about this cactus other than to say it is called Sulcorebutia albida.

Sulcorebutia albida

It is odd reading books on Sulcorebutia frankiana as some say it used to be Rebutia canigueralii and others saying the opposite. I think perhaps this proves the problems with names in succulents whereas it is not in tropical fish.

Sulcorebutia frankiana

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