As you will see below that there are links to the stats pages, which will cover normal Diplomacy and the Gunboat variant. Some display tables for Openings and the others for Endings, which will be updated regularly.

These Diplomacy Openings, are the based on games I have been involved with as either a player or a GM. I have not kept a record of all games I have been in, but those that came from the games played on the Internet sites. Ultimately the number of openings shown will increase.

A table shows Diplomacy Endings and are like the openings, meaning I have been involved with them as either a player or a GM on Web sites. The number of games are not massive but will increase in time. I have not listed the names' of players, just the countries, but obviously how they perform. Not only does it say how many times have they won and drawn but also survived and eliminated.

Gunboat Openings will list the moves used in S01 by each country. These will be updated and the date will show the latest. If you are a player, you will have no idea who the other players are therefore this might give you a clue as to your openings. As it is secretive no player will ever mention they are playing until the game has finished.

The tables within Gunboat Endings describe the outcome of finished Gunboat games, i.e. who won, who lost, etc. I have not listed the names' of players just the countries and as said, how they perform. The number of games shown are not the same as in Gunboat Openings with one of the reasons being that some games are still playing.

This medals page shows how players, who have played on
, performed. Gold medals are given to those who have won, silver for draws & bronze for all the others who continued to play and did not go into anarchy.

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