Generally known as Christmas cactus they are hybrids of the epiphytic cacti, which are found in the Brazilian rain forests. With regard to first part of their common names, it is roughly the time they flower. Due to the nature that they are found in forests, watering and sun is different to desert cacti. Moisture is always around and the leaves from the trees reduce the amount of sun. Due to that, the compost should be moist and not in direct line to the sun. Growing from off-cuts is easy. Place the stem in moist compost and regularly spray the stem with water. Needless to say, you have got to act as a forest, so once it has grown, continue to keep the compost moist, spray the stems and keep it away from too much sun.

Schlumbergera hybrid

Schlumbergera hybrid Schlumbergera hybrid Schlumbergera hybrid

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