Rainbow Fish

They are hardy, however if the water is not right they move to the bottom with their fins against their bodies. Partial water changes resolve any problems.

Fork-tailed Blue-eye Rainbow Fish (Pseudomugil furcatus) is easy to distinguish between males and females. The fins, in males, are more colourful with the females showing very little yellow. The natural habitat is New Guinea and their size is 5cm (2") but in the tanks much smaller. These fish are community fish however make sure the larger ones will not eat them.

Fork-Tailed Blue-Eye Rainbow Fish

This is where the fun starts! As said earlier, two rainbows with no knowledge of their names. The reason for the picture of Cape York Rainbow Fish (Melanotaenia splendia) is only one part, the colour. Those fish only grow to a maximum of 5cm (2") in the wild, but mine were 7.5cm (3"). The reason for thinking they are variants is the size and a very faint yellow from mid-way to the dorsal fin. Possible variants of Boeseman Rainbow Fish? Do not know! In case you wonder what they are like, the more colourful picture of the fish and the reason being their size.

Cape York Rainbow Fish Boesman Rainbow Fish

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