In the early part of the 1980s, I was working with Marconi Radar (MRSL) and given the nature of our offices I started to collect the postcards and them pin them to the walls. Some of my former colleagues had postcards and thankfully, once read and kept for a while, they gave me them to me.

I was made redundant, by MRSL, so I decided for safekeeping to store the postcards at my parents' home. My Dad started putting some of them into an album and dependant on where they came from, he listed the country.

From 1987 to 2007, I simply collected them; however I put them in a bag. Eventually I finally got round to putting them in albums and doing so was enjoyable. I like pictures and to this date, I have not been to many of countries so it is nice to see pictures from that area.

Below you will see a group of them as I have scanned some, but due to editing, sizing and reducing their memory space, the end result is not as good as the original postcard, however I hope you like looking at them. Instead of going into any depth with them, I mention a few.

A wee while ago my late Mum gave me a number of postcards that she and my late Dad decided to keep and not throw away. Sally's late Nan also did the same thing and it is interesting looking at cards that were taken many years ago. Many of the postcards were bought before WWII and one of them is a coloured picture of Blackpool. You might think that sounds odd, but wait until you see it. Another postcard has a picture of what appears to be the eldest man, Zaro Agha. My Dad did see this Turkish man and from what I gather, he saw him in a circus. According to reports, he died in 1934 and his age is circa 164. Prince Charles looks a bit younger and should be, as that postcard comes from the year he became Prince of Wales, 1969.

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