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Playing Sites

The list of sites below do either play Diplomacy or if not have other interesting games to play. ALB & GSB has been a site for many years and sadly the list of sites, that used to be shown on this page, have either stopped being a web site or when I was checking, any information added was written more than 5 years ago, so I have sadly removed that link. I do hope though that the list below can increase, so if you are a Web Master of a site and think your site and this can match, contact me.

Dip2000, is a Web Site mainly designed for Diplomacy together with the Gunboat variation. That said, Sopwith does appear on the Waiting List. One think to remember is that this site is dedicated to the memory of Tom Tweedy, 1948-2008, who started the site in 1999. He was a wonderful bloke and even though we have written, via e-mails, to each other, I wish I had met him.

Stabbeurfou Diplomatie Diplomacy Stabbeurfou was the host site to 'Diplomacy National World Cup'. It is a French site but does have the pages translated to English.

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