Orders With Retreats, Disbands and Builds


As you may know this site ALB & GSB, Dip2000 and other sites require with your orders; possible retreats or disbands and in autumn possible builds or disbands. Bear in mind that a player that you thought was your ally might stab you. Based on that, consider all possible retreat and disband options.

Various other sites and F-F allow a gap between orders, retreats, etc, so this is irrelevant to those. If, having played on the other sites, you are wondering why the orders and the others are combined in one e-mail, the reason is that in F-F games you cannot speak to the other countries prior to these phases therefore combining them follow those rules of Diplomacy.


With regard to retreats, the following happens. In circumstance one, suppose the only provinces with units in them are below and the nearest provinces to Russian unit are vacant. These are the moves:

Reading the Possible Retreats, Russia can say the following:

If Boh is vacant then the Russian army will retreat to it. If Boh is not vacant then the army will retreat to Rumania. If both are not vacant, then War is looked at first, then Ukr and finally Sil.

The word vacant is after the orders not during retreats. Let us look at these orders:

If Russia's retreats are the same as said above, they cannot retreat to Boh therefore the army will move to Rum, as long as it was vacant and no standoff.

The down side for countries happen with this scenario:

The Russian retreat is the same as above but the German retreat says, "retreat Mun to Boh". At the same time, all country's retreats are adjudicated and Boh is vacant. The Russian and German armies cannot retreat to it, which means they are disbanded! If you are thinking, that Russia did put various options, so why cannot they work? The answer is that they cannot happen. After the orders, the retreat goes to the first vacant province requested and as Boh was requested, that's the only one that counts in the Russian retreat.

Prior to the deadline (order deadline not retreat deadline), all players can discuss anything and in the example above the two countries can agree to go a particular way. Suppose this is an autumn move and Germany realises it will lose a unit but Russia will not lose one. The pair may agree that Germany disbands his unit allowing Russia to retreat to Boh. Germany can help Austria-Hungary by retreating to Boh, which disbands the Russian army together with their army.

As I have probably said, when writing your conditional retreats, remember it could be your ally who stabbed you and if you have not looked into that possibility, with regard to retreats, you may have left your pants down!

Easy Written Retreats

In many games that I have GMd, I have read retreats that were written in a very easy method. These are examples:

If the Russian army had to retreat then the first thing to do is see if Boh is vacant but if not, Rum. The last selected was Sil.

A retreated German fleet would have Ber first looked at with the last choice being Swe.

Builds and Disbands

In Autumn you will probably have to do one of the two and maybe both. Knowing these will have to be submitted with your orders, you will not know what the others have done. By figuring out what might happen you can submit a written instruction to the GM.

Your instructions can say, that if stabbed by my ally, in retreats or disband, disband this unit and in build, I will have a unit on a certain home SC. Needless to say, you will have to name the province to build upon.

One thing to remember is that you cannot ask to build here if another country build there. Builds, like orders and retreats, are read at the same time and that is equally the gamble within the game.


It may be tricky but it does speed the game and also in F-F games, you are not allowed to speak to other player until this season has finished. After a while, you will get used to it and you too may enjoy it.

Do not stab me!

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