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Warwick Castle Graeme had his 18th Birthday on the 29th June 2008 and I wanted to take him to take him to such a place that he will remember that for the rest of his life. It was decided that we took him to Warwick Castle and that not only that Sally and I was there, but so too his late Grandparents (my parents). Warwick Castle was specatacular and Graeme agreed that he enjoyed being there.

For our honeymoon Sally & I went to the Cotsworlds & had a lovely time. We stayed in a hotel at Bourton-on-the-Water & as that is an attactive village, there are plently of things to do with one being the Birdland - Park and Gardens. I went to Birdland when I would have been 7 years old and due to its popularity, it moved to another location in the village, which does allow it to increase in size. Birdland - Park and Gardens

Born in the same year, Sally and I had our 50th birthdays' in 2013 and we decided to have a holiday with Chris and Stacy. We all decided to have it in the USA and thankfully to them, our first week was at their home, New Jersey. There are plently of places to go, Manhattan, Philadelphia, etc, however Grounds for Sculpture was unusual. A 42 acre park devoted to contemporary sculptures. At UCS I was taught about different aspects of art and some painters were mentioned, e.g. Claude Monet (Jardin a Sainte-Adresse), Edvard Munch (The Scream). Those two painting were shown as sculptures and so too others.

Mount Rushmore In my teens I watched Alfred Hitchcock's North by Northwest and I always wanted to see Mount Rushmore. The others have not see it so in our second week, we all flew to Denver, but due to bad weather, Chris drove us to Keystone, which is in South Dakota and the nearest town to the National Monument. Flying is quick, however driving through three States was amazing. The day before we went to Mount Rushmore, we went to see the Crazy Horse Memorial.

Driving to our next location, Chris wanted to see the Devils Tower, Wyoming. It is thought is was created some 50 to 60 million years ago, during Tertiary time. The height is just under 400 metres and like Mount Rushmore and Crazy Horse, is in the Black Hills.

These two are listed in the same section. One is Yellowstone and entering it will never be forgotten! First we approach a few elks and after that, and a few corners, a grizzly bear. Once we had looked at it, we set off and after more corners, a few buffalos were in the road. About an hour later we were apporoaching the cabins and during the storm, lightening hit a tree that was 100 metres in front of the car. Chris and Stacy say the strike and were very amazed. Our holiday was in September, however one of the days had snow falling and that was a cold day. After a few days we travelled to Great Teton and that too is an amazing place.

Luxemburg is perhaps not often thought of when deciding a holiday, however in the mid-80s I thankfully travelled through it and felt that it is a worth a further look. Without too much research I booked a hotel in Vianden and that is a small, enjoyable city.

Within the Loire Valley Chateau de Chambord is the largest chateau. It was built under the guidance of Italian Renaissance.

A DJ from Radio 2 mentioned Bekonscot Model Village being established in 1939 and was then the first model village in the world. It was enjoyable going to the village.

Becky Falls Sally, Graeme and I were on holiday in Devon from 1st - 8th July 2006 and we went to a good number of places. An enjoyable place was Becky Falls. It is a woodland park in Dartmoor, Devon. You walk beside (and sometimes in) a brook, which have waterfalls. You do need good footware!

In May 2008, Sally and I went to North Yorkshire and amongst other enjoyable places and one was Eden Camp. It is based on WWII and during that time, the site was a PoW camp for mainly Italian prisoners. I am 100% sure that none of us want a repeat performance of these events and in my mind locations, such as this, to remind us of the stupidity that greed creates and that we must not go down these lines again. My parents were in the RAF in WWII. Eden Camp

When driving and listening to BBC2 radio programme, I heard of LostDog. I like dogs and hearing of a lady explaining the threats of dogs being stolen, it annoyed me. The lady and her husband created the site, which is aimed at helping people who have had to face the case. If you have a dog, it is worth visiting the site.

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