ALB & GSB is only hosting this tournament and one of the aspects of it is that players are only invited to play by the organisers of the tournament.

ID is a two-player game based on Diplomacy, where each player takes one of the seven major powers of the regular game. Players earn credits according to the number of supply centres held at the end of the Autumn season. The players then use these credits to bid for control of the remaining five great powers for one game year at a time. You can express your interest by e-mailing Carl Hanich, but before you sent, note that to stop Carl getting spam e-mails, I have replaced @ with AT, which means you must do that in reverse.

ID VIII started in January 2014 and will last until roughly Xmas 2014. HC V commenced in November 2013 and should end in January 2015.

By putting the pieces together, players will hopefully understand how ID games are played together with a further knowledge of the bid tactics. Mainly, however this Dummy Game will show the GMs what they need to do so that the games are shown site. ID Dummy Game

Rules and Map This page is the ID rules and it shows what is required from players within this variant.

Intimate Diplomacy Tournament Rules Hopefully once the rules for this variant have been read, ID will be clear and comprehensive.

Intimate Diplomacy Tournament Rules This page has the rules for HC. If you have not read the ID rules, may I suggest you read that first and then the Cup rules.

This page shows the layout of ID VIII. It has the players' names, the structure of the divisions, the likely starting date, the GM and to finished rounds, the results of the matches. The picture of the round robin symbolises that each player has to play against the others in their division. Click round robin to see the page. Round Robin

In HC V, there are 29 players with Round 1 starting on 21st November 2013. With an increase in players, there will be an extra round and three byes in R1. It is a knock-out cup so all must be ready and raring. All players, bar one, is hoping that he does not win his 5th HC Victor. Click here to see the latest. Hucknall Cup V

The noughts and crosses picture is intended to show that games are shown within the link. Most of the games are based on Diplomacy and also its variants,, but other non-Diplomacy games might soon be within. Links to the ID games are shown. Games

ID Champs and HC Victors This page shows current and previous ID Champs and HC Victor together with more info about them, including a picture of them. In addition, this page shows the .

ID GM Reference Guide As all players need the GMs to be consitent with each other, this page is intended to clarify any unusual circumstances and therefore help the GMs.

ID Cup
Results for: IDI ~ IDII ~ IDIII ~ IDIV ~ IDV ~ IDVI ~ IDVII

HC Cup
Results for: HCI ~ HCII ~ HCIII ~ HCIV

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