Hucknall Cup is played along the lines of Intimate Diplomacy however there are two differences with the first being that the cup is a knock-out competition whereas the other is a league. The second difference is that a D1 player (in the league) can play a D2 player; knowing that if beaten, you're out of the cup!

Players & GMs

Below is the list of players & even though their division for IDVI has no relevance in HCIII, it's shown.

Name Division
Ally Bain 1
Brian Frew 1
Carl Hanich 1
Steve Hanich 1
Jon Hucknall 2
Richard Hucknall 1
Todd Hunter-Gilbert 2
Jonathan Langman 2
Graeme Murphy 2
James Ogle 1
Brian O'Farrell 2
Jim O'Neil 1
Greg Pierce 2
Josh Sampson 2
Michael Valentine 2
John Wright N/A

Time commitments meant Kester Bearne couldn't play in HCIII so John Wright, who had same time commitments & isn't playing in IDVI, took Kester's place.

The following have given-up their time to GM the games.

Ally Bain
Kester Bearne
Carl Hanich
Steve Hanich
Richard Hucknall
Todd Hunter-Gilbert
James Ogle
Greg Pierce


The tables below show who played against whom together with which country they played. In addition it shows which season the game ended & of course the GM in charge of that game.

1st Round
Home Player Home Country Away Player Away Country GM Winner Season
Steve England Graeme Russia Ally Steve A02
Jon Russia John Italy Greg Jon A04
Richard Austria-Hungary Jim Turkey Carl Richard S05
Greg Turkey Jonathan England Ally Draw B07
Brian F Italy James Russia Steve James B03
Michael England Todd Turkey Richard Draw S05
Carl France Ally England Richard Carl B05
Brian O Turkey Josh Germany Steve Draw S08

Home Player Home Country Away Player Away Country GM Winner Season
Jonathan Turkey Greg England Ally Greg Pre-B01
Todd France Michael Turkey Richard Todd B08-Tiebreak
Josh Turkey Brian O Germany Steve Josh B06-Tiebreak

Two games required replays making Round 1 quite long. Congratulations to the above 8 winners who now proceed to the quarter-finals. Four of them are Division Two players!

The defending Victor Carl (France) was up against his arch enemy Ally (England). It was tight in the early years with Ally attacking well and controlling the English Channel as well as building up the Turks to five fleets. But Carl managed to hold Ally and expand whilst denying Ally the oxygen to expand.

The other finalist from last season, Brian O'Farrell lost against the rookie Josh. It was a tight affair, with Josh (Germany) clinging to a draw against Brian's Turkey. This was Josh's first ID game ever and Brian got off to a great start reaching the German borders very quickly. But Brian was then in cruise control and Josh managed to plug the Mid Atlantic with only three fleets despite a horrendous 13-21 centre count. In the ensuing replay, Brian (England) after playing so well in the first game, misordered in 1901. Josh (Austria) didn't give Brian an inch and played strongly expanding his centre count lead. As this was a replay, the game was won by Josh on countback as Josh had a 20-8 centre count lead. Although Josh won anyway, had Josh had a couple more fleets he would have won outright I think and been one of the few players to win as Austria against England.

The other game requiring a replay was between the two old adversaries Todd and Mike. The first game was England versus Turkey which has the greatest chance of a draw. Mike did have the upper hand but never enough to cause Todd any concerns. In the replay, Todd (France) was behind 11-16 in the centre count after 1906, but one year later had a 16-13 centre count lead. The match was then drawn but Todd won on countback. RL issues for Mike were clearly at play as Todd wins his first ever Hucknall Cup game having been knocked out in R1 in the previous two seasons. Maybe Mike will win his first Hucknall Cup in IDVII.

Steve (England) accounted for Graeme (Russia) in a very quick game. Another win for England in this classic pairing. Graeme got off to a strong start at the cost of a huge credit deficit. Steve was taken aback by such a confident and aggressive start. After 1901, Graeme had an 8-6 centre lead with no mercenaries near his home centres. But Graeme continued his aggression into 1902 and overspent by overbidding by a huge 100%. I would have liked to see how this game would have panned out had Graeme not overspent. There is no EGS from Graeme so it's unclear whether he was deliberately so aggressive or whether he made an error.

Jon (Russia) had an impressive win over the fancied John (Italy). Jon bid well for Austria in the opening two years to gain a centre count lead which he steadily expanded thereafter.

Richard (Austria) had a superbly executed win over the always tough Jim (Turkey) to also make it through to R2. Richard used Austria's extra initial credits to gain Italy and Russia in 1901 and never looked back. By the end of 1902, Richard had a Centre and Credit lead and had begun to box Jim into the south east corner.

There probably should have been a third draw, but Greg (Turkey) won against Jonathan (England) after Jonathan conceded. Greg had a centre count lead and the replay would have been also been England versus Turkey. The chances of that occurring are 1 in 756!

In the final game, the current League Champ, Brian Frew (Italy) lost to James (Russia). Brian despite being one of the best in the Tourney hasn't had much luck in the Cup thus far. He also lost to the same pairing in the Cup last season. James played superbly belying a player of his limited experience, denying Brian any of the three key mercenaries in 1901 despite Italy having two additional initial credits. Italy came back strongly in 1902 having the credit advantage, but Russia also gained which was enough to secure an unbeatable lead. Brian went for broke in 1903 and overspent by 50%!

Home Player Home Country Away Player Away Country GM Winner Season
James England Carl Germany Richard Carl S05
Todd Russia Greg France Steve Russia S03
Steve Italy Josh France Richard Draw B07
Jon Turkey Richard Italy Steve Jon S06

Home Player Home Country Away Player Away Country GM Winner Season
Josh Turkey Steve France Richard Steve S05

It took Josh 4 games to lose a HC game! A great effort from the Rookie. He drew against Steve (the Division One IDV Runner-up) and like with his game in Round One, he played in a replay. In the first game, Steve (Italy) had a centre count lead the entire game, but Josh (France) had excellent field position. With the Med blocked though for both, a draw was inevitable; albeit the first one for this pairing. In the replay, Steve (France) came out very strongly. Steve had Austria for three out of the first four years which kept Josh (Turkey) hemmed in. And with a determined push east by Steve, there was nowhere for Josh to grow.

Richard (Italy) was bundled out of the Cup by son Jon (Turkey) for the second time in three years. Both knew the importance of Austria, and both bid hard. But Jon bid harder and secured Austria and also Russia. With such a great start from Jon, the huge Credit surplus for 1902 was not enough for Richard to get back into the game.

Todd (Russia) decimated Greg (France) getting to a 11-3 centre leas after only 1902. Todd bid more evenly in 1901 which got him off to a strong start and when Russia gets rolling…..

Carl (Germany) had the fright of his Hucknall Cup career almost being bundled out by the relatively inexperienced (but highly skilful) James (England). This was a very tight affair and only won in the last year.

So we have two Hanichs in the semis and Jon again holding the Hucknall name up high! Todd will make his first semi-final appearance!

Home Player Home Country Away Player Away Country GM Winner Season
Jon Austria-Hungary Carl Russia Richard Carl A04
Steve Russia Todd Austria-Hungary Richard Steve A03

Two relatively short semi-finals see both Hanich boys both select Russia and both make it to the Final after both defeated Austria.

The 1901 bidding went Carl's way. Gaining Germany with Turkey being neutral gave him an already commanding 7-4 centre count lead. With Turkey in 1902, Carl (Russia) was then already attacking Jon (Austria) on three fronts and there was little Jon could do.

And with exactly the same pairing, Steve (Russia) was even more dominant against Todd (Austria) to advance to his inaugural Cup Final. Steve started off very aggressively getting both the key mercenaries of Germany and Turkey despite having 4 less initial credits. Todd couldn't do enough with his huge credit surplus in 1902; consequently Steve captured the Austrian Capital in Autumn 1903.

Can Carl secure a third consecutive Hucknall Cup?

Home Player Home Country Away Player Away Country GM Winner Season
Carl Austria-Hungary Steve Germany Richard Carl A01

What a pairing for a Final. In such a tight game, anyone can win! And even more amazingly, Carl walked into Munich in Autumn 1901 without any support. I don't think there has been an ID game where the opponents never do battle!! After Spring 1901, Steve needed to take a gamble and he guessed wrongly.

The swift victory gives Carl three successive titles; winning now 12 Cup games in a row. Will his dream run continue next season?

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