These vast amounts of dwarf succulents come from South Africa to the south-western part of Africa. They do not grow in direct sunlight and therefore are seen within bushes or rock crevices. The plants shape is in rosettes with the flowers, mainly small and white, on spikes which can be 1' in height. Some of them have a large windows in its upper leaves and these allow it to photosynthesise whilst it is withdrawn into the soil. Not all, but some do not reverse their growing habitat, which means that they come from the Southern Hemisphere, yet in the Northern Hemisphere they act as though winter is their summer. I have not had any so I cannot comment about that.

There are a number of different varieties of Haworthia reinwardtii and the name shown has another one following it. I have no idea which variety mine is therefore I just typed that part. The leaves are tightly packed small leaves and carry tubercles.

Haworthia reinwardtii

Sadly my Haworthia retusa was stolen in the early 90s and I have not added it to my current set so unfortunately no pictures. This plant goes have the windows in its upper surface and its name comes from the fact that is it a retuse plant.

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