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You might have seen Gunboat Openings, which show the moves used in S01, therefore the tables below will show how the countries performed. Compared to the Gunboat Openings, the number of games, shown below, are less. Some are still being played, however for typical computer problems I was not able to access certain End Game Statements (EGS). It is true that some games had anarchies, however I am not adding an anarchy column. Instead I look at the final maps and classed them as either survived or eliminated. Remember a country, in anarchy, can have their units supported by others countries and that might alter the way the games end. I have created three tables with the first being games in which you can jump to a site, register to play and as soon as they have the required number, the game starts. The sites, where the info was gathered came from, are those that I have been involved with as either a player or GM. Under that table there is another one, which is based on drawn games with its reasoning mentioned above it. Below these tables is a run-down of Admiral Gunboat Competition. There are seperate tables, based on the fact that players' intentions might not be the same as in a one off game.

With regard to the competition, I designed it and it is hosted on this site. Below you will see a link to Admiral, however as a brief run down, Admiral I had 84 players and it started around about Easter 2003. There were three rounds, Quarter-Finals, Semi-Finals and the Final and the competition ended in October 2004. Admiral II started in November 2004 with 133 players and after the three rounds it ended in June 2006. Admiral III, with 175 players, started in Feb 2007 and ended in Nov 2008. If you want to read about the competition, click here, however it is on hold at the moment.

I have decided to give ratings for each country, however as the drawn column does not give a clue as to whether they were a two-way draw, three-way draw, etc, I have decided to score the points and give a total. I am listing how the points were scored:

So you know, this was updated on 27th November, 2013 and there are 245 games on the first table.

Country Won Drawn Survived Eliminated Points
Austria-Hungary 18 34 59 134 290.13
England 15 41 95 94 279.28
France 31 49 96 69 460.10
Germany 24 43 74 104 374.60
Italy 20 38 89 98 317.95
Russia 16 28 80 121 250.29
Turkey 34 44 76 91 479.77

Pretty good if you get France and Turkey, but the part that always surprises me is the country that performs badly. When I first started creating these stats, Austria-Hungary was the worse and that came as no surprise and their eliminations show it. Eliminations is one thing, however looking at the points shows something else. Russia is worse than the Dual Monarch and England sits between them. England have won less games than the other two, but do well is drawn games. It does not come as any surprise that results are different in Gunboat to standard Diplomacy games, however if you take the Wicked Witches, Turkey does far better than England. As mentioned about Russia, it is a good winning country in normal games. Another country is Italy as they are equally different from Gunboats to normal games.

This next table shows only drawn games in the above table. The 'times' factor shows whether they drew in a two-way, three-way, etc.

Country x 2 x 3 x 4 x 5 x 6 x 7
Austria-Hungary 7 13 9 3 2 0
England 6 18 12 3 2 0
France 4 22 17 3 2 0
Germany 5 22 10 4 2 0
Italy 5 17 10 4 2 0
Russia 4 13 10 1 0 0
Turkey 5 21 13 2 2 0

Admiral Gunboat Competition

The following tables are the results from Admiral games. The results, in the first table, are those that were played in all the Competitions. After that table, you will be able to see how each Competition ended. The slight difference between Admiral II and all other Competitions was the final season in all rounds. In Admiral I the Quarters and Semis endeded in A12 with the final game being A15. Before the start of Admiral II, we (GMs) felt it might be better to reduce the seasons. It became A10 for both the Quarters and Semis with the final game being A12. Once Admiral II ended, we discussed it and felt our decision was not right and therefore Admiral will be the same as Admiral I. If you want to see more click here.

Country Won Drawn Survived Eliminated
Austria-Hungary 3 15 15 43
England 5 17 21 33
France 6 29 23 18
Germany 7 27 22 20
Italy 3 25 19 29
Russia 7 20 19 30
Turkey 6 27 26 17

Admiral I
Country Won Drawn Survived Eliminated
Austria-Hungary 0 4 4 9
England 2 3 3 9
France 1 6 7 3
Germany 1 5 6 5
Italy 2 4 6 5
Russia 2 4 8 3
Turkey 0 5 8 4

Admiral I ended on 4th October, 2004 with Italy winning the final game, called Victory. The table showed the countries performance, however you can see the names' of the players on Admiral I players. It appears that Austrian-Hungarian players' are doing far better in the competition compared to normal Gunboat and that Turkey is not doing well. Actually that was not quite right as both Turkey and Germany players', in seven games, got through to the Semis and Austria-hungary, only twice. Five French players, three English and Russian together with only one Italian got through to the Semi. There were four Semis with Italy and Russia winning their games with Italy and France drawing another game. The last Semi ended with a five-way draw.

Admiral II
Country Won Drawn Survived Eliminated
Austria-Hungary 0 8 2 16
England 2 10 9 5
France 1 13 5 7
Germany 1 14 5 6
Italy 1 12 4 9
Russia 0 9 3 14
Turkey 3 13 7 3

Admiral II started in November, 2004 with 133 players which meant 19 Quarter-Finals. The Quarters ended in May 2005 and the Semi-Finals started in June with them ending in November. The Final game, called Dreadnought, started in that month and ended in June 2006. One thing to point out so far is that two Austrian-Hungarian players went through to the Semis, however only one Russian. As for Dreadnought, it ended in a six-way draw, however Russia had the highest SCs and therefore won the entire Competition. You can see the names' of the players on Admiral II players.

Admiral III
Country Won Drawn Survived Eliminated
Austria-Hungary 3 3 8 18
England 1 4 9 19
France 4 10 11 8
Germany 5 8 11 9
Italy 0 9 9 15
Russia 5 7 8 13
Turkey 3 9 11 10

It is a big pat on the back when you play Austria-Hungary and win Gunboat games. Three in the Quarter-Finals, amazing!

If you want to see the names and pictures of those who won their respective Admiral Gunboat Competition, click on winners and you will see them.

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