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As said before Gunboat means no normal negotiation and the names' of players are kept secret until the game ends.


The number of links below will increase however I hope those shown help you. You can click on stats to see the Openings and Endings used.

In Easter 2003 Admiral Gunboat Competition started with the aim to give players a bit of fun whilst they are trying to become classed as a good Gunboat player. Thankfully many players said they enjoyed it and asked for it to continue and hence it is. Within this link you will be able to read information about the competition including the rules and if your native language is not English, do not worry as named players did translate to their language. If interested, click here.

Gunboat ESP is an article giving you my view of how to play these secretive games. As the players do not know the others and normal communication cannot happen, this will say a way in which it can happen without breaking any rules. If you are lost with press as far as Gunboat games or perhaps in general, I have outlined my view.

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