The name is in Greek and translated to English means, upon a leaf. It is an incorrect name as the original thought was that the flowers came from leaves however they come from stems. The stems are long, thin flattened and often branch to make them look like bushy plants. Due to the size of the stems, they are often better kept in hanging baskets. In the wild there obviously no in hanging baskets, but will be seen in Mexico to Paraguay. Perhaps the wonderful sight is the flowers & their diameter can reach 6'.

I am not entirely sure whether this cactus is a hybrid or has a full name. Hopefully soon I will find out. In August 2002 a lady, who I once worked with, gave me a cutting and then a much larger plant. The picture comes from the cutting. The colour of the flowers will be dark red and as said, brilliant! The redness you will see is probably based on the fact that it did not get enough sunlight. I moved it into a better position and within a few days, the red became green. To those that like petals, I am sure you will like the flowers produced from this cacti.

Epiphyllum hybrids (? to the hybrid) Epiphyllum hybrids (? to the hybrid) Epiphyllum hybrids (? to the hybrid)

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