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You will see below a number of variant games and the reason there here is that they have been played on this site. Other variants, not played here yet, are on a page called, as the name suggests, variants

Avalon Hill's 5th Edition (2008) rules of Diplomacy. The rules have not greatly altered since I bought the board game in the early '80s. To those unaware, Allan B Calhamer died in 2013. His invention of this game will keep his name known for many years to come. Diplomacy Rules

Web Diplomacy Rules Web Rules as said are House Rules used on various Web Sites. Sadly some sites have slightly different rules than the board game's rules, yet their House Rules should point it out. As for writing your orders, etc, it is slightly different to F-F games, as you are using e-mails to transmit your orders, etc. If having read them you think they are tricky, it does take a little time to get them right, but equally there are certain articles to help you.

Pre-Sring 1901 shows you a map of Europe with armies and fleets in their positions. The colour of the countries is the same as the map I got with my board game, however dependant on where you are from, the colours may be different or maybe no colour code shown. Pre-Sring 1901 Map

Map with Provinces This shows the map, yet instead of armies and fleets, it has the provinces' abbreviations. Different abbreviations are used throughout the world and further details are shown in one of the articles' pages.

Admiral Rules show what is required from players. Given that players' natural tongue is not English, there are links from within that will show the rules in other languages. One thing to bear in mind is that the competition is played in English, however as Gunboat does not allow normal conversations between players, the adjudication should not stop anyone. Admiral Gunboat Competition Rules

Intimate Diplomacy Tournament Rules This page is the Intimate Diplomacy Tournament Rules and within the page, it shows what is required from players in this variant.

Blinded is not being rude to those that are, just simply saying that units cannot see provinces too far from them. They can see the province they are in and those that are immediately beside them, e.g. A(Lon) can see what is in Yor, NTH, ENG and Wal, but not Edi, Lpl, Bre, etc. These can be played as a normal game, meaning players communicate with each other, but I prefer Blinded Gunboat. Blinded Diplomacy

Crowded Diplomacy The only difference between a normal game and Crowded is that the latter has more countries, which are 11. The game can be played with players knowing each other or as a Crowded Gunboat.

Double Diplomacy is played by seven players on a normal map, however each player has two countries under his belt, but they are not alone with those countries so anything can happen. Double Diplomacy

Chaos Diplomacy Chaos has 34 players and at the start of the game, each player owns a single SC. Due to the nature of Europe, it was decided to simply ignore whether you have got a fleet or army and just class them as units.

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