It is played in the same way as normal Diplomacy however, in Crowded there are 11 countries. The countries are:

As you will see on the map, the abbreviations for the Balkans is shown as K as Britain is B and Iberia is shown as P as normally Italy is shown as I.

The same rules for Crowded Gunboat but obviously you will not know the players' names until the game has finished.

In text below are the starting positions (capitals listed first) together with the leaders for those countries.

Regarding the leaders for the Balkans, Iberia and Lowlands, I simply wrote the names of the leaders for one of the countries within that group. They were the kings of Greece and Spain. The Lowlands was the Queen of the Netherlands. As for Scandinavia, I wrote down the King of Sweden and on reading that, Edvard Løkketangen, wrote:

Actually, in 1901 Oscar II was the king of both Sweden and Norway, as we had a dual monarchy (just one king, though) until 1905, when we finally got free, and installed the danish prince Carl (Christian Frederik Carl Georg Valdemar Axel), as our new king Haakon VII.
Maybe this could be duly marked in-game as an announcement

Well, it was announced but I will leave readers to figure his nationality...

Austria-Hungary (Franz Joseph)
A(Vie); F(Tri); A(Bud)

Balkans (George I)
F(Gre); A(Ser); A(Bul); F(Rum)

Britain (Marquess of Salisbury)
F(Lon); A(Lpl); F(Edi)

France (Émile François Loubet)
A(Par); F(Bre); A(Mar)

Germany (Wilhelm II)
A(Ber); F(Kie); A(Mun)

Italy (Victor Emmanuel III)
A(Rom); F(Nap); A(Ven)

Lowlands (Wilhelmina)
A(Hol); A(Bel); A(Ruh)

Iberia (Alfonso XIII)
A(Spa); F(Por); F(Tun)

Russia (Nicolas II)
F(StP) sc; A(Mos); F(Sev); A(War)

Scandinavia (Oscar II)
A(Swe); F(Den); F(Nwy)

Turkey (Abd al-Hamid II)
A(Con); F(Ank); A(Smy)

Crowded map with abbreviations

Thankfully, in a normal Crowded, I was in a three-way draw with England and Scandinavia with me being the Lowlands.

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