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I've been asked by a few players about certain aspects of the convoy so I thought it would make sense writing an article about it.

The convoy is an essential need for all countries and to sum it up, England would have a big problem if they could not.

Simply Convoy

Going back to England, this move is often used in Autumn '01:

As you will see, the army's order just states its location and destination, Edinburgh to Norway. The use of C, after the fleet and its location, says they are going to convoy. The other part is a copy of the army's order.

Supporting the Army

In the above example, Russia was not able to bounce England so the English fleet went elsewhere however by looking at the next example, it is needed:

Needless to say, if England didn't support their army, they and Russia would bounce in Nwy.

If Germany was allied with Russia, the army's support can be broken by this move:

Given that, the English should do this:

Quite simply, the army is in Nwy and this will be mentioned later.

Breaking the Convoy

Other than said, there are other ways of upsetting the convoy.

In this example, Italy is trying to convoy an army to Greece (Gre) however the Turks want to stop it. This move would not be good for the Turks:

In case you think the Turkish failed due to the F(Alb) supporting the army, you are wrong. The reason the convoy worked is as it takes more than one fleet to break the convoy. This move would work:

Obviously the army's move failed but F(ION) has to retreat.

Supporting the Convoy

The decision between Italy and Turkey would be a guess however this convoy would work as the Italians are supporting their own fleet:

Convoying Over Seas

In a game I was playing, Jeff Simard was Austria-Hungary and I was Russia. As our last move, the pair of us did this:

Pretty good, my army went from St Petersburg to Syria! Needless to say, the game ended as we got a two-way draw. Moving aside from that, i.e. the ego trip, the point is that armies can convoy over many seas and any country can be involved.

Not Over Coasts

Often asked it whether a fleet that is in a province can be used in a convoy. The answer is easy, no! If you are still not sure, this would be classed as a misorder:

In case you think it might work, coastal places are provinces therefore they cannot be used in a convoy.


As said, the convoy is needed and equally the way of breaking it is needed. By using convoys, you can move your armies to required provinces however be aware of the ways of it being broken.

Convoy away!

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