They are found in Mexico and Texas, but given the distance there are not too many species, however there are a few varieties. The Greek name is translated to star-plant. One area that makes them stand out is a small white fleck or speck on the stems. The flowers show in the summer and come from the centre of the plant with them being shades of yellow to orange petals.

This Astrophytum ornatum has f. mirbelli after it as the flecking is more dense than normal. For those that have very few flecks f. glabrescens goes after it. I have seen a picture of a cacti, which it is far from the one shown. Its name was A. ormy and from what I gather, its name came from it being a variation of A. ornatum. Regardless of the density of the flecks, they are fast growing, however in the wild only very few reach to 18" in diameter.

Astrophytum ornatum f. mirbelli

Astrophytum senile aureum, otherwise known as A. capricorne or as a common name as Goat's Horns Cactus, is often grow in grasses of North Mexico.

Astrophytum senile aureum

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