The following list will increase in time however as said before I hope you find them of interest and it helps you.

Coasts often pose problems with players and in some cases with GMs. The three in question are Bulgaria, Spain, and St Petersburg. If you are thinking, "Where is the problem about coasts"? It is based on a few things. Whether its current location can support another fleet to a coast and if it can support a fleet, which is currently, docked in that province. In addition, the answers too, can a fleet in one coast support to another province?

Communication is the important factor of the game. In fact, communication is a must! I have seen some players not write to others and I still do not see why! Whether you are playing F-F or any form of speaking to them, e.g. PBEM, this improves your changes of winning. It the game is not going in your favour, communication to others, will possible give you a change of survival.

Convoy is an order that many, if not most, need to conquer Europe. Consider England's position; without a convoy their armies would be stuck and they would be wandering throughout Britain and conquering Europe could not happen. The convoy in itself is fairly easy but many newcomers to the game find it tricky to beat a convoy from an opponent.

As we know the Internet is worldwide and whilst I have been playing via them I have met a good number of players who are not British. Sadly I am no good as speaking in any other language than English and I am glad they were able to write in English. Thinking that it might be a good idea I have looked into various sites and have written tables that show the different languages.

Diplomacy Dictionary is as its name says a dictionary of Diplomacy words. To either a Newbie or an experienced player, certain words are said to them and sometimes the word means nothing. The directory will increase, as does any dictionary; however I hope the word you are looking for is currently shown.

Early Encounters is a list of the countries, their possible friends or foes and the opening moves often used by a good number of players. One aspect that a lot of people miss is, openings to middle to end. I cannot say where openings stop and middle starts. I think the old saying sums it up, how long is the rope.

Martyn Webster and myself were talking (well, e-mailing as he lives Down Under) about End Game Statements (EGS). We both know that many players do not fully understand what an EGS is for and therefore do not write them. The article explains in depth about EGS and is worth reading. To those who do understand EGS, the article is still worth reading.

Recently I had a number of links to Gunboat Articles on this page however due to the number I felt it was better to shift them into their own area. Obviously click on the underlined words to get to it. If your not sure about Gunboat it is a variant played with the same rules but the names' of players are not shown until it ends, which means no normal negotiation.

NMR and anarchy is not a pleasant area of Diplomacy. NMR is an abbreviation for No Moves Received from a player and if the same thing happens in two back-to-back moves, they go into anarchy. it is also true that many sites ban the player for playing again unless there was a very good reason. This article will outline certain points, which you may agree with and therefore stopping you anarchising your country.

Retreats, disbands and builds are required to be sent with orders whilst playing on a number of Web Sites. Obviously you do not get retreats, etc, in Spring 1901. It may be tricky but it does speed the game and also in F-F games, you are not allowed to speak to other player until this season has finished. After a while, you will get used to it and you too may enjoy it.

It would not surprise me that if you have just started playing you know a bit about support and breaking supports however not a great deal. It is worth saying that players who have played a handful of games are not always fully aware of it. Regardless of with one you are this will try to explain it in more depth.

I have heard many players think that only seven can play however that is not right. The alternatives are between two to six players. I have listed the country allocation and also the different season as some do not start at 1901. I, like many players, have found it easier to learn more about the rules by playing with one or two others.

For those wishing to play a game on the Internet, you will have to register on the Waiting List, for those sites. By registering, you will be asked certain questions so this article will give you an idea about those questions. it is true that each site has slightly different questions however by reading this, you will probably understand.

I have got a funny feeling that some of you are thinking, "surely lying and Diplomacy are just pack and parcel of the game so what's the problem"? Due to my experience of the game it does not really affect me but in others it does, so the article is, why lie? If you are still unsure then perhaps this will make you think twice.

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