Even though I decided to organise a Gunboat competition, if it was not for those below, Admiral could not have taken-off. You will see below the names of those that I do want to thank. In addition to their names, you will see a flag beside them and that states their nationality. So you know why they deserve my thanks, I have written a brief explanation plus the Diplomacy site that I think you can normally find them playing.

Thank You!
Names Nationality Reason Dip Site

Andy Scott
Scottish In Admiral I, I was unaware of the number of players wishing to play and therefore the number of games to GM. Andy offered to GM and not play in the competition. We were able to bounce ideas of each other and one lead to him naming the games and giving a brief description of the Royal Navy Ships we used.
He has continued to GM in all Admiral Gunboat Competition.

Mike Dean
Scottish Prior to thinking of the name of the competition, I E-mailed Mike (Webmaster for Psychopath) to see if he was happy for me to use the site to host the Competition. He did agree and sadly if it was not for the site to close, Admiral would still be hosted on that site. PsychoCon

Chris Iles
Welsh For Admiral II, he decided to GM and not play. Dip2000

Ricardo Moraes
Brazilian He not only decided to GM but also translated the Rules and Competition Gamestart into Portuguese. In addition, he has promoted the Competition. Dip2000

Jan Willem Omlo
Dutch Into Dutch he translated the Rules and in Admiral III, the Competition Gamestart and GMd. Dip2000

Doug Stewart
Australian He helps by GMing and prior to Admiral III, he was one of us who re-wrote the Rules. Regarding the Competition Gamestart, he proof reads what I have written and corrects the errors. He also promotes the Competition. Dip2000

Kester Bearne
English GMs and was involved in the re-write of the Rules. Dip2000

Scott Hinz
American GMd in Admiral II. Dip2000

Thomas Gourgolitsas
Greek GMd in Admiral II. Redscape and Dip2000

Frank Bacher
German The Rules and Competition Gamestart are in German thanks to Frank. In addition, he promotes the Competition. German Sites

Fede Hermo
Argentinean To help any Spanish player, Fede translated the Admiral Rules and Competition Gamestart. Diplored

Michel Lacroix
French For Admiral II he translated the Rules and Competition Gamestart into French and he continues to promote the Competition.

Jens Forsgård
Swedish For Admiral II he translated the Rules and Competition Gamestart into Swedish and also promoted the Competition. Stabbed and Dip2000
Andrea Pellegrino Italian For Admiral II he translated the Rules and Competition Gamestart into Italian. Dip2000

Ariel Max Sanchez Romero
Argentinean Helped translate the Rules and for Admiral III, the Competition Gamestart into Spanish by proof reading and promoted the Competition. Dip2000 and Latin American sites

Cyril Cottet
French Translated the Rules and Competition Gamestart into French and promoted the Competition.

Mitya Kletka
Russian Translated the Rules and Competition Gamestart into Russian and promoted the Competition.

Filippo Lucchini
Italian Did half of the Admiral Rules into Italian. MSSDiplo

Andrea Ziffer
Italian Did half of the Admiral Rules into Italian. ACD
Giancarlo Castiglioni Italian Translated into Italian the Competition Gamestart for Admiral III. TBA

Gabriel Lecointre
French Promoted the Competition. and other French sites
David O'Malley Irish Helped by re-coding Web files, which will show the adjudications on the site. Dip2000

Stéphane Bailleul
French Promoted the Competition. Frog
Bern Wittmann German Promoted the Competition. Ludomaniac

Edi Birsan
American Promoted the Competition. Dip Pouch and many more
Martin Gilbey English Promoted the Competition. ACD
David Wigglesworth English Created stats that give a different aspect to those that I do. Dip2000

Graeme Bain
British - born in England, Mum's Northern Irish and I am a Scot, so he chose to be classed as British so that he does not insult his Mum and me.  Diplomatic! He does the draw for all rounds. BTW put cursor over flag and you will see why it is the 'Union Flag' not one of the the separate countries. N/A

Ally Bain
Scottish Well, I cannot see why I cannot thank myself. Dip2000 +

It would be great if I often have to come back to this page and add other names.

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