Admiral Gunboat Competition

Players' Ratings

The tables below show the names' of the players and how they did in the competition which leave you able to see who became:

Admiral of the European Fleets

You will also see pictures of those who played in the final game. Pictures do not just end with those in the final but also people who did help make this competition successful.

If you have turned to this page and do not know about Admiral Gunboat Competition, but would like to, please click on here. You will find a link to the rules plus other things including a link to the Competition Gamestart which does have a brief description of the naval vessels used in this competition.

What I have also done is used their Gunboat Openings which show, in one table, the countries S01 orders together with other Gunboat games. The reason for not separating them is simply that the moves would not be any different to the others. Gunboat Endings do have separate tables, as those used in this competition have a tactical ending compared to other Gunboat games. If you are wondering why was that the case, the competition started with 84 players and to reduce the number for the final, there were quarter and semi-finals. If you want to know how it was done it is explained in the link shown in the second paragraph.

Moving onto the placement of players and in which game, my son, Graeme, did the draw for all rounds and therefore was random.

I have used different colours based on the separate games. You will see the players' ratings, which will show whether they won, drawn, survived, eliminated or sadly, went into anarchy. As for those who went into anarchy, a few did explain what had happened and also apologised. They will be invited into Admiral III. No comment about the others expect their Ratings says, The Plank! To those who do not know that naval term...

Moving aside from the rounds, the GMs decided to play in a Gunboat game against each other however we did not have a final season. The game was called Inflexible and the outcome can be seen below.

If you want to jump to the other rounds rather than reading the Quarters click on Semi-Finals or Final.

Game's Name and Country Player Rating Semi-Final
John Doyle Amalfi - Austria-Hungary Eliminated N/A
Juan Mneme Amalfi - England Eliminated N/A
Jacob Hansen Amalfi - France Drawn N/A
Fede Hermo Amalfi - Germany Drawn Cassini
James Barrington-Brown Amalfi - Italy Drawn Viribus Unitis
Gwen Maggi Amalfi - Russia Drawn N/A
Scott Hinz Amalfi - Turkey Eliminated N/A
Ally Bain Amalfi - GM N/A N/A
Benjamin Pouilles Duplaix Amazon - Austria-Hungary Anarchy The Plank
Wilbert van der Zeijden Amazon - England Anarchy The Plank
Marcelo Morandini Amazon - France Drawn Viribus Unitis
Peter Oforique Amazon - Germany Drawn Britannic
Jamie Aitcheson Amazon - Italy Drawn Nembo
Karlien Calitz Amazon - Russia Eliminated N/A
Gwen Persorama Amazon - Turkey Survived N/A
Ricardo Moraes Amazon - GM N/A N/A
Patrick McDonald Argus - Austria-Hungary Anarchy The Plank
Paul Whiteside Argus - England Survived N/A
Andrew Cochrane Argus - France Eliminated N/A
Patrick Garnier Argus - Germany Survived Britannic
Aaron Lieber Argus - Italy Won Britannic
Max Romero Argus - Russia Anarchy N/A
Cullum Weston Argus - Turkey Survived N/A
Chris Iles Argus - GM N/A N/A
Doug Stewart Blitz - Austria-Hungary Survived N/A
Pat D'Hyon Blitz - England Won Cassini
Patrick Welsh Blitz - France Anarchy The Plank
Filippo Lucchini Blitz - Germany Eliminated N/A
Bernd Wittmann Blitz - Italy Eliminated N/A
Ray Erb Blitz - Russia Anarchy N/A
Fabrice Essner Blitz - Turkey Survived Viribus Unitis
Ally Bain Blitz - GM N/A N/A
Chris Andrews Courbet - Austria-Hungary Eliminated N/A
Lei Saarlainen Courbet - England Anarchy The Plank
Mike Eddleston Courbet - France Drawn N/A
Steve Gurney Courbet - Germany Drawn Minin
Walter de Oude Courbet - Italy Drawn Nembo
Kyra Olson Courbet - Russia Anarchy N/A
Dax Gorham Courbet - Turkey Drawn N/A
Scott Hinz Courbet - GM N/A N/A
Roland Gordon Danton - Austria-Hungary Eliminated N/A
Stephen Mawson Danton - England Drawn Nembo
Jamie Shutzer Danton - France Drawn N/A
Paul Lacey Danton - Germany Anarchy The Plank
Steve Long Danton - Italy Anarchy The Plank
Antonio Di Giacomo Danton - Russia Drawn N/A
Joakim Spångberg Danton - Turkey Drawn Nembo
Ricardo Moraes Danton - GM N/A N/A
Julian Wheeler Euro - Austria-Hungary Drawn N/A
Michel Lacroix Euro - England Drawn N/A
Sean O'Shea Euro - France Drawn Goeben
Ted Shannon Euro - Germany Drawn N/A
Lars Topholm Euro - Italy Drawn N/A
Martyn Webster Euro - Russia Drawn Cassini
Bruce Edwards Euro - Turkey Drawn N/A
Andy Scott Euro - GM N/A N/A
Pete Smith Lepanto - Austria-Hungary Eliminated N/A
El Kahlaoui Najib Lepanto - England Anarchy The Plank
Francis Roodt Lepanto - France Anarchy The Plank
Adam Silverman Lepanto - Germany Drawn Britannic
Andrea Pellegrino Lepanto - Italy Drawn N/A
Brian Sharkey Lepanto - Russia Eliminated N/A
Jerry Fest Lepanto - Turkey Drawn Minin
Thomas Gourgolitsas Lepanto - GM N/A N/A
Gabriel Lecointre Lika - Austria-Hungary Eliminated N/A
Mirek Chojnowski Lika - England Won Viribus Unitis
David Shockey Lika - France Eliminated N/A
James Pawley Lika - Germany Eliminated N/A
Kester Bearne Lika - Italy Eliminated N/A
Jason De Boer Lika - Russia Survived N/A
Sean Donovan Lika - Turkey Survived Minin
Ally Bain Lika - GM N/A N/A
Ellis Simpson Majestic - Austria-Hungary Survived N/A
Robert Snavley Majestic - England Survived Minin
Martin Waals Majestic - France Survived N/A
Nathan Mott Majestic - Germany Survived N/A
Pruvel Raymond Majestic - Italy Anarchy The Plank
Jonathan Langman Majestic - Russia Eliminated N/A
Daniel Luna Majestic - Turkey Won Minin
Ally Bain Majestic - GM N/A N/A
Roger Leroux Muavenet - Austria-Hungary Eliminated N/A
Greg Pierce Muavenet - England Survived N/A
Chetan Radia Muavenet - France Won Viribus Unitis
Scott McKeen Muavenet - Germany Survived N/A
Alex Smith Muavenet - Italy Survived Goeben
Dave Burton Muavenet - Russia Eliminated N/A
Lahcene Zidane Muavenet - Turkey Survived N/A
Thomas Gourgolitsas Muavenet - GM N/A N/A
Carles Fité Nusrat - Austria-Hungary Eliminated N/A
Rick Powell Nusrat - England Survived Nembo
Brad Martin Nusrat - France Survived N/A
Erlend Janbu Nusrat - Germany Eliminated N/A
Brian Smith Nusrat - Italy Survived N/A
Frank Oschmiansky Nusrat - Russia Eliminated N/A
Carl Hanich Nusrat - Turkey Won Britannic
Doug Stewart Nusrat - GM N/A N/A
Ralf Schönfeld Pantelimon - Austria-Hungary Drawn N/A
John Stratford Pantelimon - England Drawn N/A
Camillo de Francesco Pantelimon - France Drawn Viribus Unitis
Andrew Jamieson Pantelimon - Germany Drawn N/A
Stéphane Bailleul Pantelimon - Italy Drawn Minin
Ricardo Moraes Pantelimon - Russia Drawn N/A
Jens Forsgård Pantelimon - Turkey Drawn N/A
Ally Bain Pantelimon - GM N/A N/A
Justin Sadler Republique - Austria-Hungary Eliminated N/A
Steve Schroeder Republique - England Drawn N/A
Fabrice Pillonel Republique - France Drawn Cassini
Emmanuel Converset Republique - Germany Eliminated N/A
Kai Kroehnke Republique - Italy Eliminated N/A
Duncan Proffitt Republique - Russia Drawn N/A
Christophe Legeay Republique - Turkey Drawn Britannic
Andy Scott Republique - GM N/A N/A
Carl Brewer Roon - Austria-Hungary Eliminated N/A
Stefan Krekeler Roon - England Drawn Goeben
Mike James Roon - France Drawn Goeben
Pieter Müller Roon - Germany Eliminated N/A
David O'Malley Roon - Italy Eliminated N/A
Stefan Unger Roon - Russia Eliminated N/A
Bruce Richard Roon - Turkey Drawn Goeben
Doug Stewart Roon - GM N/A N/A
Michael Halpin Rurak - Austria-Hungary Eliminated N/A
Tom Booth Rurak - England Survived N/A
Rudi van Hal Rurak - France Survived N/A
Colin Scott Rurak - Germany Won Britannic
Rodolphe Boulanger Rurak - Italy Survived N/A
Andreas Savelsbergh Rurak - Russia Eliminated N/A
Thomas Gourgolitsas Rurak - Turkey Survived Cassini
Andy Scott Rurak - GM N/A N/A
Frank Martin Scharnhorst - Austria-Hungary Drawn Goeben
Wayne Read Scharnhorst - England Drawn Nembo
Brian O'Farrell Scharnhorst - France Eliminated N/A
Adam Bilders Scharnhorst - Germany Eliminated N/A
Adam Bratton Scharnhorst - Italy Eliminated N/A
Paul Prebble Scharnhorst - Russia Eliminated N/A
Frank Bacher Scharnhorst - Turkey Drawn Cassini
Ally Bain Scharnhorst - GM N/A N/A
Chris Shutzer U9 - Austria-Hungary Drawn Goeben
Steve Foister U9 - England Anarchy N/A
Robert Lange U9 - France Eliminated N/A
Matt Myatt U9 - Germany Drawn Viribus Unitis
Mathias Moucha U9 - Italy Anarchy N/A
Dan Perruzzi U9 - Russia Eliminated N/A
Tal Lessner U9 - Turkey Anarchy N/A
Andy Scott U9 - GM N/A N/A
Brian Frew Yarhisar - Austria-Hungary Eliminated N/A
Micel Palexi Yarhisar - England Drawn Minin
Nicolas Sahuguet Yarhisar - France Drawn N/A
Xavier Perraudin Yarhisar - Germany Drawn Cassini
Bruce McElhinney Yarhisar - Italy Drawn N/A
Nick Netscher Yarhisar - Russia Eliminated N/A
Jacob Yann Yarhisar - Turkey Drawn Nembo
Ally Bain Yarhisar - GM N/A N/A

Game's Name and Country Player Rating Final
Christophe Legeay Britannic - Austria-Hungary Drawn N/A
Peter Oforique Britannic - England Anarchy The Plank
Aaron Lieber Britannic - France Drawn N/A
Colin Scott Britannic - Germany Drawn N/A
Carl Hanich Britannic - Italy Drawn Dreadnought
Adam Silverman Britannic - Russia Drawn N/A
Patrick Garnier Britannic - Turkey Eliminated N/A
Ally Bain Britannic - GM N/A N/A
Fede Hermo Cassini - Austria-Hungary Drawn Dreadnought
Thomas Gourgolitsas Cassini - England Eliminated N/A
Martyn Webster Cassini - France Drawn Dreadnought
Frank Bacher Cassini - Germany Drawn N/A
Pat D'Hyon Cassini - Italy Drawn N/A
Fabrice Pillonel Cassini - Russia Drawn N/A
Xavier Perraudin Cassini - Turkey Anarchy The Plank
Andy Scott Cassini - GM N/A N/A
Mike James Goeben - Austria-Hungary Eliminated N/A
Bruce Richard Goeben - England Survived N/A
Stefan Krekeler Goeben - France Anarchy N/A
Sean O'Shea Goeben - Germany Survived N/A
Frank Martin Goeben - Italy Eliminated N/A
Chris Shutzer Goeben - Russia Eliminated N/A
Alex Smith Goeben - Turkey Won Dreadnought
Ally Bain Goeben - GM N/A N/A
Micel Palexi Minin - Austria-Hungary Anarchy The Plank
Daniel Luna Minin - England Drawn N/A
Steve Gurney Minin - France Anarchy The Plank
Sean Donovan Minin - Germany Drawn N/A
Stéphane Bailleul Minin - Italy Drawn Dreadnought
Jerry Fest Minin - Russia Drawn N/A
Robert Snavley Minin - Turkey Drawn N/A
Chris Iles Minin - GM N/A N/A
Jamie Aitcheson Nembo - Austria-Hungary Drawn N/A
Walter de Oude Nembo - England Drawn N/A
Rick Powell Nembo - France Drawn N/A
Stephen Mawson Nembo - Germany Drawn Dreadnought
Joakim Spångberg Nembo - Italy Eliminated N/A
Jacob Yann Nembo - Russia Anarchy The Plank
Wayne Read Nembo - Turkey Drawn N/A
Andy Scott Nembo - GM N/A N/A
James Barrington-Brown Viribus Unitis - Austria-Hungary Draw N/A
Matt Myatt Viribus Unitis - England Eliminated N/A
Mirek Chojnowski Viribus Unitis - France Anarchy N/A
Fabrice Essner Viribus Unitis - Germany Draw Dreadnought
Camillo de Francesco Viribus Unitis - Italy Draw N/A
Chetan Radia Viribus Unitis - Russia Eliminated N/A
Marcelo Morandini Viribus Unitis - Turkey Draw N/A
Ally Bain Viribus Unitis - GM N/A N/A

Game's Name and Country Player Rating
Carl Hanich Dreadnought - Austria-Hungary Eliminated
Fede Hermo Dreadnought - England Drawn
Alex Smith Dreadnought - France Drawn
Martyn Webster Dreadnought - Germany Drawn
Stephen Mawson Dreadnought - Italy Drawn
Stéphane Bailleul Dreadnought - Russia Drawn
Fabrice Essner Dreadnought - Turkey Drawn
Ally Bain Dreadnought - GM N/A

You have noticed that Dreadnought ended in a six-way draw so what was written in the Rules together with the players being reminded, the country with the largest number of SCs in A12 (the final season) becomes the winner of Admiral II and that player is:

Stéphane Bailleul

Admiral of the European Fleets

Stéphane Bailleul, Frenchman playing Russia

With of course this ensign:

French Admiral's Ensign

To those unaware, this is the naval ensign used by French Admirals and therefore Stéphane's nationality. I must admit it says a lot as Admiral I and Admiral II were both won by Frenchmen.

Below is a picture of the others who got through to Dreadnought and are positioned in an alphabetic order based on their countries.

Carl Hanich, Australian playing Austria-Hungary Fede Hermo, Argentinean playing England Alex Smith, Canadian playing France Martyn Webster, Australian playing Germany Stephen Mawson, Englishman playing Italy Fab and Clément Essner, Frenchmen playing Turkey

Big thanks go to all players who took up the challenge and competed until their Gunboat sank!

As you may have gathered, I wanted Admiral to be a global competition. Knowing English is not understood by all I asked a few players, that I have met before, whether they would translate the Rules into their native tongue. They did and also when I asked if they could do the same for the Competition Gamestart, they did that as well.

The pictures below are those who did the translations and by putting the cursor over the pictures, you will see their names and their country. Unfortunately I did not get a picture from Andrea who did the Italian translation. No comment about our Swedish translator.

Michel Lacroix, French Frank Bacher, German Ricardo Moraes, Brazilian Fede Hermo, Argentian Jens Forsgård, Swedish

Knowing the number of players would increase, Admiral II needed more GMs that just Andy and myself who GMd I. Those who did take up the challenge was these below and again, if you move your cursor to the pictures, you will see who they are.

Ricardo Moraes, Brazilian Scott Hinz, American Thomas Gourgolitas, Greek Doug Stewart, Australian Kester Bearne, English

There is one thing that must be mentioned. Andy Scott and Chris Iles decided not to play in the competition but GM instead.

Andy Scott, Scot Chris Iles, Welsh

Now to the outcome of the game between us.

GMs Only
Game's Name and Country Player Rating
Chris Iles Inflexible - Austria-Hungary Eliminated
Doug Stewart Inflexible - England Draw
Ricardo Moraes Inflexible - France Eliminated
Ally Bain Inflexible - Germany Draw
Thomas Gourgolitsas Inflexible - Italy Eliminated
Scott Hinz Inflexible - Russia Eliminated
Andy Scott Inflexible - Turkey Draw
Kester Bearne Inflexible - GM N/A

In closing, both Graeme and I would like to see you in Admiral III however the Waiting List is not likely to open until autumn or winter 2006.

Graeme and Ally Bain with pix taken on 2nd Jan 2006

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