Admiral Gunboat Competition

This competition is open to any player from any site.

Even though this rule is shown in the Houserules, I thought I ought to mention it here. Admiral is played under the Two-Season Diplomacy. If you are unaware of that, it is where all retreats, disbands and builds are combined with Spring and Autumn moves. In Spring, one e-mail will state the orders and possible retreats. In Autumn, the same thing, yet also possible builds or disbands.


There has been a big pause between Admiral III to the possible start of Admiral IV. The reason for the gap was me wishing to take on less games. If you do wish me to add your name to the Waiting List, contact me and when the time happens, I will let you know. May I also suggest that if you have already told me, it is worth reminding me.

The logo for Admiral was changed, but sadly the pictures shown on each page does not show the logo in depth so the following page has the normal picture.

Admiral Rules show what is required from players. Given that players' natural tongue is not English, certain people have translated to their native tongue and a link t othem is within this link. One thing to bear in mind is that the competition is played in English, however as Gunboat does not allow normal conversations between players, the adjudication should not stop anyone.

This page shows the winners of all the previous Admiral and gives more info about the winners. You will find out the countries they played, their nationality, the site they have played most of their Diplomacy games, etc.

The noughts and crosses picture is intended to show that games are shown within the link. Most of the games are based on Diplomacy and also its variants, but other non-Diplomacy games might soon be within. Links to the Admiral and Intimate Diplomacy Tournament games are shown. Games

As the games' names refer to Naval Terminology their names, a brief description and the GM of those games are shown.

If it was not for those people mentioned within this page, Admiral would not be as good as it became. All their effort made the competition successful and the page explains their help. To them, this page is a big Thank you!

As mentioned, the players 'real' names are not shown until the Competition is over, therefore the countries leaders, that were in charge of the Great Powers, is used. Within this page you will see the pictures of them and also a reason why King Edward VII is not used.

Gunboat Openings is not just based on Admiral, but on Gunboat games played on the sites I am involved with as either a player or a GM.

The tables within Gunboat Endings describe the outcome of finished Gunboat games, i.e. who won, who lost, etc. I have not listed the names' of players just the countries and as said, how they perform. The results do not just relate to Admiral, but other Gunboat games.

David Wigglesworth has drawn up tables and graphs based on Admiral III Quarter-Finals and within those logo stats he has given a detailed piece of information.

This shows the performance for players in Admiral III. The competition started in Feb 2007 and had 175 players. Due to the number, there were 25 Quarter-Finals leading onto 7 Semi-Finals. The Final, called Good Hope, ended in Nov 2008. If you are unsure of how a player got through the rounds, please read the rules above and then you will realise.

This shows the performance for players in Admiral II. The competition started in November 2004 and had 133 players. Due to the number, there were 19 Quarter-Finals leading onto 6 Semi-Finals. The Final, called Dreadnought, ended in 29th June, 2006. If you are unsure of how a player got through the rounds, please read the rules above and then you will realise.

This shows the performance for players in Admiral I. The competition started just after Easter 2003 and had 84 players. Due to the number, there were 12 Quarter-Finals leading onto 4 Semi-Finals. The Final, called Victory, ended in the summer of 2004.

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